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A classic fountain pen is a must-have for anyone who considers themselves a writer of any importa... Read more

A classic fountain pen is a must-have for anyone who considers themselves a writer of any importance. Whether sign lots of documents, write important letters or like to craft smooth, beautiful prose or calligraphy.

Fountain pens were the immediate successor to the famed quill and ink method. They were so-called because you no longer kept dipping the pen into the ink; they had their own “fountain” inside. Even after hundreds of years, they are still the epitome of quality writing and add unmistakable panache to your style.

The Case for Fountain Pens

Ballpoints, gel ink, and other types of cheap writing instruments toppled over the popularity of the fountain pen because they were faster to write with, easily portable without ink “accidents”, and could have had a dime a dozen. 

However, fountain pens have many compelling qualities over and above their cheap cousins.

  • Wholesome writing experience - the feel and touch of a fountain pen is undeniably superior. Writing with one on quality paper is pure joy, and their smooth and light touch make them perfect for signing documents and printing or writing beautifully and clearly.

  • Light touch - a ballpoint or gel pen is bound to leave your fingers aching after extended use, but not so with a good fountain pen. The ink flows smoothly and requires no force to write, which means you can do it for hours without strain.

  • Better for the environment - In the same way you can buy cheap plastic pens a dime a dozen, so do you throw them away like cheap nothings. Fountain pens use ink and last much, much longer, making them the green option. They are also more economical in the long run.

Feel Like Someone With a Fountain Pen

Get one of the top fountain pens at Milligram, perhaps a Lamy or a Jacques Herbin, and you will know what it feels like to live on the other side of the divide. Unlike Lamborghinis and designer clothing, world-class fountain pen brands are an affordable, unmistakable, and timeless kind of class that is bound to turn heads.

A good fountain pen is an investment in yourself. It means that you are serious about what you are writing and that you believe your ideas to be worth the world. And, if you truly want to appreciate someone in your life, give them one of our top fountain pens online at Milligram and they will think of you every time they pick it up.

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