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Discover an exquisitely simple, high-performance fountain pen with the sophisticated Custom 74 from Pilot.

Named for the release of the original Custom fountain pen in 1974, the Custom 74 is a connoisseur's dream. Sporting a minimalist design, the Custom 74's translucent body features bright rhodium accents that give this pen a truly premium feel. Those accents pair beautifully with the rhodium plating on the nib, which in turn complements the 14k gold at its heart to deliver silky smooth movement across the page and a nib that will retain its shape over time.

Presented in a gift box with a black ink cartridge and a Pilot Converter-70 that makes it easy to use the finest bottled inks, every aspect of the Custom 74 is designed with luxury in mind.

Pilot is a Japanese brand known for innovation and quality writing instruments.