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Need to track your ideas in parallel? Say hello to the new Moleskine Two-Go notebooks: double colours, double layout, double bookmarks and double the creativity!

Taking inspiration from their most popular diary (the Weekly Notebook style), Moleskine have developed this notebook, available in various colours, to increase both your productivity and creativity. Each double page spread is plain on one side and ruled on the other, providing you the freedom to express both sides of your brain, anytime, anyhow, anywhere.

The Two-Go notebooks are a medium size (11.5x18cm) with rounded corners and a cotton canvas hard cover, with one colour on the outside cover and another colour within enclosed with an elastic. There are two coloured ribbon bookmarks, an expandable inner pocket and the pages within are made of 100gsm paper, suitable for a wide range of writing tools. Highly sought after by creative professionals and lovers of writing. Available in various colours.