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Paper that's as smooth as silk! The Find Smart Notebook from Japanese brand, Kunisawa is created by Shimbashi (in Tokyo) artisans for elite business performers. If you're looking for a serious notebook that looks and feels professional – this is it.

The opening page of this grey, hard cover, pocket-sized, grid (5mm) notebook reads: "I do not seek, I find." The 80 pages are made especially for fountain pen users and the special "Japanese" Foolscap paper, which has an excellent ink absorption, feels incredible to write on. This paper is Japan's only paper dedicated to executive-grade note-taking, and is used locally for high-class, watermarked notebooks, letter sets, and other materials. There is copper gilt edge foiling detail that enhances the luxury feel and ensures a remarkably long life; and lay-flat binding that's perfect for comfortable writing and sketching.