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Send a birthday greeting that's relaxed and playful with the loose brush pen feel of Katie Leamon's Birthday Wishes card.

From cup to card - new to the Katie Leamon range is this collection of cards made from recycled coffee cups! Paper fibres that are created from the "cup-cycling" process are turned into this beautifully crafted card paper at UK-based paper smith G.F. Smith. FSC-certified, sustainably sourced pulp is also added to the mix to ensure superb paper quality, and for every tree felled, 3 more are planted. To further increase the eco credentials of this range, the cards can be 100% recycled after use!

Katie Leamon is a luxury card and stationery brand founded in 2010. Every print is reflection of Katie's love of typography and vintage curiosities, delivering simple designs that evoke a sense of nostalgia.