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This Herbin ink converter is a piston-style converter. It's incredibly easy to use, and allows you to use the wonderful variety of Herbin's bottled ink colours.Ê

Herbin ink is famous worldwide for its quality, cleanliness and amazing colour range. One of the best ways to use that great colour range is with Herbin's transparent fountain pens which can now be used with this fountain pen ink converter.Ê

The world's oldest name in ink production, Herbin's vivid Perle des Encres (Jewel of Inks) range began production in 1700. From Napoleon Bonaparte to Victor Hugo and Coco Chanel, Herbin inks and sealing waxes have been used by conquerors, novelists, designers and dignitaries for over 300 years. Today, their fabulous colours and long lasting pigments ensure Herbin continues to be the foremost choice of ink for calligraphy writers and fountain pen users around the world.