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Add a touch of earthy charm to your morning caffeine routine with the handmade Espresso Cup from Melbourne's own Arcadia Scott Ceramics.

The expressive blue-green tones of the Aurora Borealis finish have a natural richness to them, pairing beautifully with the warm stoneware to create a deep, sensual energy that helps turn your coffee into a meditative part of your routine. Slow down and take a moment to reflect over your morning coffee – think of it as a break from being busy.

Making every piece by hand in her Brunswick studio, Arcadia Scott is a full-time potter creating functional, tactile and expressive ceramics. No two pieces are quite alike, giving Arcadia’s work an organic energy that feels like it emerged fully-formed from the earth. That resonant, natural feel carries through to the experience of using Arcadia’s ceramics, providing a momentary refuge from modern life.